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Moisture Mirror 3X

The Moisture Mirror 3X has lots of new features.
Click on the screen to take a closer look! allows you to watch your gin
operate from anywhere with a Internet connection.

Being the big brother to the very popular Mirror 2, the Moisture Mirror 3X needed some impressive features to get ginners' attention. We think it fits the bill! It starts with a big 12" color touchscreen that can remotely control up all 1400/1500/1600 Series products! We added to the ability to monitor and control Premium Steamroller controls, 1501 auxiliary heaters and the Air Control 8 for Banjos and VFDs. In addition to remote control, the Mirror 3 also has inputs for seed moisture and the temperature/humidity sensor.

One of the Mirror 3's standout features is data recording of every connected moisture value and temperature for Ethernet-based Sam Jackson products. The data is stored as a daily CSV file on a compact flash card in the touch screen. The file can be retrieved with a USB drive or downloaded over the Internet by using Samuel Jackson's Remote Access Service. Once downloaded, the data can be imported into a spreadsheet program for analysis or one gin even migrated the data into their cotton marketing software.       

Like the rest of the models Mirror X models, the Mirror 3X is compatible with the Mobile Mirror App for monitoring your gin anywhere you go with your iPhone or iPad. If you don't have an iPhone, you can also access the Mirror 3's touchscreen over the Internet with a computer or a tablet device. If you need help, Samuel Jackson technicians are a phone call away and can login to your Mirror 3 for in-depth troubleshooting.*   

Check out the Measurement Products Handbook for more information on the different Mirror models.  

* iPhone and iPad monitoring or computer login require Samuel Jackson's Remote Access Service.
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