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Moisture Mirror 4X

The Mirror 4X home screen: Every moisture variable, every SJ
product and even some custom channels at your fingertips!

The Mirror 4 Database stores data in an easy to access format.
The report shows bales with an incoming moisture above 15%. 

The Moisture Mirror 4 was introduced in 2006, but has undergone several improvements since first release. It comes standard with every feature of prior Mirror models and a 15-inch color touch screen interface.

The Moisture Mirror 4's most standout feature is the Premium Database. This is not the same as the basic data storage on the Mirror 3, but rather a full-blown database that opens a world of reporting and organization to your gin. Many gins ask about exporting reports from the Mirror 3...the Mirror 4 does that! The Mirror 4 database is easy to use providing daily, weekly and seasonal reports with a single click. You can also search out very specific criteria like finding bales based on moisture, ginning date or any other Mirror variable!      

Got 2 module feeders or two presses? The Mirror 4X has DOUBLE the power of other Mirror models. A single Moisture Mirror 4X has two completely separate automatic control loops for automatic heater and bale moisture control. This means it will automatically set your heater temperatures while you're ginning a dry module on one feeder and a wet module on the other. It also means you can automatically set your Humidaire Unit output for two separate moisture units on two separate applicators. This feature does require separate moisture sensors for each system. These features are only available on the Mirror 4X software.

Check out the Measurement Products Handbook for more information on the different Mirror models.
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