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Premium Air Tools

The Premium Air Tools Interface supports up to
36 channels of any sensor with a 4-20mA signal.

Each Air Tools channel can be "zoomed" in to for graphing,
dynamic naming, ginning/idling setup and advanced alarms.

Air Tools allow a ginner to see cotton and air flowing through the pipes like never before. For years, ginners have used amp meters to measure load, proximity switches to measure RPMs, thermocouples to sense temperature, but there has never been a online device to accurately measure air. Everyone recognizes that air is important in a gin, but they probably don't realize how important - especially not how it effects their bottom line. Downtime in a gin is extremely costly and one of the biggest causes of downtime is chokes. Most air-related chokes can be avoided if the ginner could only see them coming.  Air Tools use static pressure ports placed at different points throughout the operation to predict and prevent chokes due to leakage, stopped up cyclones, haring over battery condenser screens, etc. Alarms can be setup to warn if air pressure gets too high or too low. There is also a graphing feature that allows you to look back and see trends over time.

Air Tools can also monitor a LOT more than air. With the capability to monitor 36 channels, the Premium Air Tools interface is perfect for monitoring other things in the gin too like motor amps or temperatures. You might get some ideas from clicking on the touchscreen interface on the left. Just like with air, you can setup warning and alarm trip points to perform a control action like kicking out a gin breast of stopping cotton flow into the gin. Give us a call if you have questions about the possibilities with an Air Tools System in your gin.
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